What Is Eyebrow Tinting?

Eyebrow tinting is a quick and easy way to darken your brows. It’s a lot like dying your hair. Eyebrow dye combines two effects – it colors the hairs themselves, but also slightly stains the skin underneath for an illusion of extra fullness. Its power to thicken the brows lies in the fact that the dye colors all the super-thin baby hairs in the brow arches that are otherwise invisible. The shade left on the skin provides a light makeup look.

That way, brow tinting gives the brows density, definition and dimension.

The color of the brow tint can be custom-mixed to suit the color of your hair and your wishes.

It’s often combined with other brow treatments.

Brow Lamination + Eyebrows Tinting = Brow Lift & Tint

Eyebrows tinting is often done as an add-on service to brow lamination. Once the brows are shaped and uplifted, the brow tint darkens them and adds a shade.

Many clients go for the combo, since the results are more dramatic.


How long does the procedure take to complete?

The average time required for a procedure is 35min

Why Are These Often Combined?

Darkening the brows is the easiest way to enhance them. While brow lamination gives the brows a special shape and texture that can’t be achieved any other way, the brow tint gives them extra definition and depth.

Benefits of Eyebrow Tinting

Eyebrow tinting is so popular for a reason. For many reasons, actually. Here are the biggest benefits:

• It enhances the brows in a natural-looking way

• It perfects their color, shape, and density

• It lasts for weeks

• You can ditch your brow makeup

• It’s quick

• It’s relatively affordable

• It’s completely non-invasive

• It doesn’t smudge, so you can relax

Eyebrow dye requires no commitment at all. It’s definitely worth trying, especially since you don’t have to repeat it if you don’t like it.


• History of allergic reactions to hair dyes and similar products

• Eczema, psoriasis or rosacea in the area

• Cuts or scabbing in the area

How Long Does Eyebrow Tint Last?

It lasts 4-6 weeks, but it’s important to understand that the 2 effects of brow tinting – the skin stain and the color of the actual hairs – don’t have the same lifespan.

The pace at which they’ll fade depends on your skin type (fading is faster on oily skin), hair type, the products you use, and your lifestyle (swimming in the pool or the ocean can speed up the fading).

The stain on your skin (if you get one in the first place) probably won’t last longer than a few days.

But your brows will stay tinted until they grow out and new ones replace them, which is a gradual process that lasts about 4-6 weeks.

The natural color of your brows will start becoming noticeable after about 3 weeks.

Can I Wash My Face After a Brow Tint?

Of course, but it’s advisable to wait 12 hours and avoid oil-based cleansers and exfoliating products.

You should avoid excessive sweating and touching or rubbing the area for 24 hours. Your skin could get irritated.

After care

Keep your brows dry for 12 hours

Avoid exfoliating products in the brow area

Avoid anti-aging skincare in the brow area

Avoid rubbing your brows

Avoid frequent brushing (keep it down to once a day)

Avoid swimming in chlorinated or saltwater (unless you keep the brows dry)

You can find special serums meant for maintaining the brow tint on the market. These products can slightly prolong how long does eyebrow tint last.

The brow hairs will stay tinted until they fall out, but their color might fade slightly due to exposure to sunlight or salt/chlorinated water, and frequent washing with harsh products.

Extra Tip: Avoid self-tanners and spray-tan in the area. The tan can react with the dye and the color of your brows can turn into an unattractive greenish.