What Are Powder Brows?

Powder brows (also known as powder brow tattoo or shaded brows) is a semi-permanent make-up procedure for eyebrow enhancement in which the artist inserts PMU pigments into the top layers of the skin with a tattoo machine designed using the dotting technique, or pixelization.

As a result, a powdery eyebrow effect is achieved, and misty, powdered brows are created.The technique is similar to microshading, but the results are more dramatic.

The whole powderbrows procedure resembles the procedure of microblading, but the technique used is different, and so is the final outcome. Keep reading to find out what’s the difference between powder brows and microblading.

The whole procedure is a two-step process, and it consists of the initial insertion of the pigment and the touch-up that takes place 6 – 8 weeks after the initial procedure.

Powder brows create the desired fullness of your eyebrows in a bespoke arch shape that best suits your facial features and brings out your natural beauty.


Is the surgery painful?

Pigmentation treatment is a moderately painful procedure. During treatment, you may experience mild discomfort, burning, and skin irritation. The degree of this discomfort depends on the client's personal pain threshold.

How often do I need to repeat treatment?

Eyebrow pigmentation consists of 2 treatments - a main treatment and a top-up treatment done 4-6 weeks later. To keep your tinted brows looking perfect, they should be updated every 1-2 years depending on your skin type and the pigment used.

Is eyebrow drawing performed before the procedure?

Of course! Before I start pigmentation, I create a perfect drawing of your eyebrows to visualize their future shape. Only after you accept the new shape do I start the procedure.

I am afraid of the eyebrow color being too strong, is the color determined together?

The treatment is preceded by a thorough color analysis of your skin. We discuss together the intensity of saturation of your new eyebrows that you expect. After collecting all the information, I choose the color that best suits you.

I have had permanent makeup done, can I have it re-made at your salon?

If your permanent makeup is not done by me, I will need you to come to my studio for an evaluation